Offline/Online Processing


Offline (In-Store) Union Pay

Comprehensive and advanced solution for all processes that require different implementations for acquirer or multi purchasers in all its extent, providing all interfaces for required configuration, operation, administration and management reports, and the complete management of merchants, controlling the integrity of the quadrature process and generation of management reports and financial position, essential for proactive management and maximum profitability in the Acquiring Business.

Our processing services modules provide you:

  • Credit, debit, prepaid and private brand
  • Creation, activation and retention of merchants
  • Billing, clearing, settlement and reporting
  • Fraud and risk management, reimbursement and collections
  • Authorization and capture
  • Change and POS driving
  • Acceptance of chip cards and contactless
  • Handling of chargebacks
  • Generation of messages by email and text
  • POS remote administration

Online (eCommerce) Solutions

Merchants are able to pre-authorize, authorize only, capture, void, and refund credit card transactions using our payment gateway, with real-time reporting available to assist with quick response times, managing customer expectations and service levels.

The technical platform operates according to the latest security standards. It meets all requirements stipulated for a card organization, including PCI certification.

Summary of features:

  • Real-time credit card processing.
  • Secure web-based transaction reports to view daily settlements and transactions.
  • Fraud and Risk management tools.
  • Security using tokenization technology.
  • Supporting all major card associations, Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, American Express, JCB, Discover and more.
  • Multi-currency settlement.

24×7 telephone, web, and email technical support

Acquiring Service Modules

  • Creation, activation and retention of merchants
  • Billing, settlement and reporting
  • Fraud and risk management, reimbursement and collections
  • Authorization and capture
  • POS switching and driving
  • Chip and contactless cards acceptance
  • Chargebacks handling
  • Messages generation by email and/or text
  • POS remote administration

Multi-Channel Solution

  • Points of Sale (POS)
  • Electronic commerce
  • Payment Portal
  • Cash registers integration
  • mPOS (Smartphone as POS)
  • vPOS (Virtual POS for PC)
  • Recurring charges
  • Collect
  • Non-banking correspondent
  • Fleet card
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Offline (In-Store) Solutions

Point of Sale (POS)

We provide several ways to communicate with different networks and POS terminals that adjust to your business needs. Terminals comply with all government requirements.


We  facilitate integration to cash register systems (ECR) from affiliated merchants, in order to interconnect their billing and payment processing.

Mobile POS

Turns your mobile phone or tablet into a point of sale.  You can process transactions with credit and debit cards with signature or PIN, chip, EBT and ACH, all in real time. I

Virtual POS

With a card reader and computer, you can process payments at any location without the need for additional software, integration or programming, with the assurance that all transactions are secure.