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Bank Support

  • Merchant: merchant recruiting, KYC, boarding, merchant testing and training.
  • Prepaid Card program: program management recruitment, program support and training, KYC, work with card manufacturer and coordinate delivery to bank.
services overview

Merchant Services Support

Our international payment processing solution approach is to work closely with the merchants to:

  • Work with the local bank for your acquiring requirements and assist with the qualification and application process.  We will support you from merchant application submission to merchant boarding.
  • Make available our API document and testing center for easy integration with your shopping cart an no cost.
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Card Program Management

As a Latitude19 Prepaid Card Program Manager you will have the flexibility and freedom to develop your own turnkey programs.  This will include developing your unique value added services, pricing  model, and client support.  

Latitude19’s Gateagle issuing system will provide you with the necessary business analytics reports to assist in helping you attain revenue goals and forecast future financial projections.

  • Program Implementation & Launch
  • Sponsor Bank Approval
  • Association Certification
  • Custom Development
  • Card Distribution Channels
  • Compliance & Risk Mitigation
  • Provide a welcome kit from an authorized card provider
  • Staff Training
  • Design a co-branded card.
  • Provide graphics with respect of the cards and the program.
  • Provide the production and delivery of cards 
  • Provide the on-going sourcing and compliance for the Banking network including the Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist reporting, fraud monitoring, application acceptance and decline and card association requirement.
  • Provide the OFAC/address verification (KYC requirements)
  • Provide the platform for the API and manage the certification process with the platform.
Services Overview

We are PCI DSS Compliant

If you are a merchant that accepts any payment cards such as but not limited to credit, debit, pre-paid, e-purse, ATM or POS, then you are required to be compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard.

The breach or theft of cardholder data affects the entire payment card ecosystem. Customers suddenly lose trust in merchants or financial institutions, their credit can be negatively affected — there is enormous personal fallout. Merchants and financial institutions lose credibility (and in turn, business), they are also subject to numerous financial liabilities.

The security benefits associated with maintaining PCI compliance are vital to the long-term success of all merchants who process card payments. This includes continual identification of threats and vulnerabilities that could potentially impact the organization. Most organizations never fully recover from data breaches because the loss is greater than the data itself.

We Enjoy Working for You

Other Services

services overview

Custom Applications

  • Custom reports design to meet Bank operational needs.
  • Mobile application integration
  • Develop easy to use plug-ins for ease of integration.
  • Design tailored training programs.
services overview


Latitude19 Technologywill provide multi-lingual (Chinese, Spanish, and English) technical support services to Customer for support calls, software upgrades, and general account support on 24/7 basis.  Latitude19 Technology offers it’s customers a highly comprehensive support offering which includes: remedial coverage, transaction reports, ongoing test and development access.